travel with us to the middle east

Our dance comes from the countries of the Middle East. On two occasions (2015 and 2020) we have made a wonderful trip as a school to this area to soak up the culture, history and customs. The experience has been incredible and in addition to learning, we have enjoyed it very much. If you are interested in joining an upcoming call, write to safi@safidanzaarabe.com, commenting on why you want to make the trip.

Trip to Israel, Palestine, Jordan and Egypt 2020

Safitas junto a la Esfinge
Safitas en una de las tumbas de los Reyes
El tesoro de Petra
Safitas en las ruinas de Jerash
Safitas junto a la mezquita de Mohamed Alí
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Trip to Turkey and Egypt 2015

Safitas en uno templo de Egipto
Después de disfrutar un baño turco
Paseando en camello
Safitas adentro de una pirámide
En el Valle del Amor
Safitas en Pamukkale
Vista panorámica a las pirámidas
Safitas junto a ruinas romanas
Vista panorámica de la ciudad
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