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Safi..means pure, crystalline, that maintains its own essence.


Safi..means pure, crystalline, that maintains its own essence.


Hello! My name is Safi and I teach bellydance because I love this dance and I love teaching. I have been dancing Oriental Dance continuously for more than 10 years and I keep on learning permanently. I have studied with national teachers of Stylized Bellydance, Oriental Dance and Egyptian Style, as well as with outstanding international masters.


In 2015 I traveled to Egypt to learn in the workshops of Ahlan Festival Wa Sahlan in Cairo and soak in the culture that surrounds this beautiful dance and in April 2017 I participated in international festivals NY Cairo and Cairo Khan (USA), where I took more than 50 hours of classes. That same year I began my Arabic language studies, which I continued formally throughout 2018 and in January 2019 I approved the Diploma in Basic Level of  Arabic Language in the Center for Arab Studies of University of Chile. In 2018 I also performed the certification "3 Stages of Mastery" with international dancer Rachel Brice.


I am currently studying Arabic language and music, as well as dance history, oriental dance and academic technique. The expression, communication and art in its different forms have always been fundamental in my life. I studied classical music for 8 years and I am also a Journalist and Graduate in Social Communication from University of Chile. In parallel to my career in dance, I have taught workshops on Effective Communication and Oral and Corporal Expression


My dance is in continuous evolution because periodically I keep perfecting myself, learning new techniques and improving. If you want to know a bit about my style, I invite you to see the videos that are on the page.

Some International Master Teachers with whom I have taken classes include: Dina (Egypt), Randa Kamel (Egypt), Tito Seif (Egypt), Rachel Brice (USA), Camelia (Egypt) Aziza Cairo (Egypt), Yana Tsehotskaya (Ukraine) , Hoda Ibrahim (Egypt), Dariya Mitskevich (Ukraine), Mercedes Nieto, (Hungary), Lubna Emam (Egypt), Jade El Jabel (Brazil), Mohamed Shahin (Egypt), Alla Kushnir (Ukraine), Soraya (Brazil), Moria Chappell (USA), Munique Neith (Brazil) Yousry Sharif (Egypt), Aida Nour (Egypt), Nour (Russia), Jillina (United States), Saida Helou (Argentina), Amir Thaleb (Argentina), Diva Darina (Ukraine) ) Shahdana (Argentina), Oscar Flores (Argentina), Yamil Annum (Argentina), Aida Bogomolova (Russia), Marta Korzun (Ukraine), Gamal Seif (Egypt), Wael Mansour (Egypt), Anna Borisova, (Russia), Pablo Acosta (Argentina), Rosadela (Spain), Sahar Samara (Egypt), Alla Vatc (Russia), Virginia (USA-Cuba), Vanessa (USA), Nada El Masriya (Egypt), Max Daneri (Argentina) and Brenda Rakesa ( Argentina).

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