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To stay competitive, you must acquire, study, and use the same tools as your opponents.

Staying Healthy

You may wonder why I am discussing such an apparently irrelevant subject. The answer is quite simple: it is very relevant. Your health can mean the difference between winning and losing.

Let’s say that you and I have equal abilities, but different lifestyles. You watch your diet, exercise regularly, and get enough sleep, while I eat poorly, don’t exercise, and get too little sleep suissecasinoenligne.com/sans-telechargement/.

When we first start playing, neither one of us has an edge. The longer we play, the larger your edge will become. I will become more tired, less alert, less patient, more irritable, and so on.

Good health is particularly important in large tournaments. If you are fading out, you can quit a cash game, but you must keep playing in a tournament. Countless players have started out well, but had their play deteriorate because they weren’t healthy enough to play well for twelve or more hours.

Preparing for Specific Events

Before playing at a new cardroom, learn its rules. Don’t play a tournament without preparing for its blinds schedule, payout structure, and type of competition. Otherwise, you may make expensive mistakes.

Some online qualifiers for the WSOP Championship don’t prepare at all.2 Despite playing for millions of dollars and immortality, they don’t prepare by playing in important live tournaments, and a few even hold their cards so that others can see them.

Discussion groups can help you prepare for tournaments. Several members of our group prepared adjustments for a large freeroll tournament’s number of entrants, blinds, and payout structure. Several cashed. They repeated it before various WSOP events, and several cashed.

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