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Pasión Oriental was born in 2014 as a bet to capture the technical and artistic development achieved by the students of Safi Arab Dance during the year.


The first version of Pasión Oriental was a success and featured Velos, Saidi, Percussion, Stylized Choreography, Modern Qawliya (Iraqi), Egyptian Choreography, Khaleegy (Halishi), Arab Pop, Balady and Gypsy Fusion. It was a very emotional night since it was the first Safi Arab Dance gala and the first time the students danced in a theater.


The event culminated with the delivery of certificates of participation and a beautiful collage with images by the students, reflecting the spirit of the school. The imagen had a dedication that said: "We want to thank you, not only for giving us classes and showing us the world of Arab dance, but also for giving us confidence in ourselves, for teaching that we are beautiful and that what is important is how much love and effort we put into what we want to achieve. We came looking for distraction and find passion for dance and friendship, something that is not achieved anywhere, and we owe it to the best belly teacher. We are proud of being your first students, we wish you with all our heart the greatest success in your life, a huge hug full of love.


2015 was a different year, as the students danced for the first time with swords, cymbals and fanveils. In Oriental Passion 2015 the representative group of the school; Safi Troupe.

Pasión Oriental 2016, 2017 and 2018 were wonderful shows that reflected the technical and interpretative advances of the #safitas; with dances of Raks al Assaya, Veils, Wings of Isis, Fanveils, Cymbals, Swords, Shaaby, Balady, Percussion, Oriental Romantics, Pop, Classics, Iraqi, Halishi and Egyptian Style.


You can review the videos of this gala and the previous ones, subscribing to the Youtube channel Safi Bellydancer.

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