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In our school we have two annual contests. The first, "Safita's Spirit" is open from March to December and all the students of the school participate automatically. The "Safita's Spirit" contest seeks to reward a student that during the year has reflected int the best form the values ​​of the school. The award ceremony is held at our annual gala Pasión Oriental.

The second is the "Safita Contest" , which highlights the ballerina's connection with the public. It is open to students that participate in our Oriental Shows through the year and the final takes place in January.


In the pictures you can see the "Safita's Spirit" 2018 winner and the participants of the Safita 2019 Contest along with dancers from the school.


1) Responsibility, Perseverance, Commitment and Respect.

2) Sincerity, Authenticity and Communication.

3) Joy, enjoyment and positive thinking.

4) Ability to love and empathy.

5) Humility

6) Fellowship, Group Sense and Solidarity

7) Flexibility.

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